Monday, September 22, 2008

The Magic Interview

Let’s talk about magic.

If I gave you any magic power right now, talk about what you would do.

Supposing you had the magic power to travel through time. Go back to a time that you want to visit. Talk about it.

Go ahead to a time that you would want to visit in the future. Talk about it.

Sometimes magicians meet up with others that can do stronger magic. Supposing there was an evil/mean magician who wanted to send you back to a time that you did not want to visit. When would that be? Talk about it.

That same evil/mean magician wants to send you to a bad time in the future. When do think that would be? Talk about it.

Another type of magic involves changing into other things, like people or animals. Lets talk about people. Who would you like to trade places with?
How would things be different if you did that?

What would that person say about being you?

Suppose you traded places with an animal. What animal would you pick? Talk about the reasons for trading with it.

What would the animal think about being you? Talk about it.

Supposing you could change your size. Would you become bigger or smaller? What would you do after you have changed, that you could not do now? Talk about it.

(Gender change). Supposing you could become a man/woman. The change would be temporary. Would you do it? Why or why not? What would be good about the change? Talk about it.

What would be bad about the change? Talk about it.

Talk about being invisible. This means that no one could see you or feel your presence. You could walk through walls, but you could not touch anything or any one. What would that be like?

Is there something magic that we have not talked about? Talk about it.

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