Thursday, September 18, 2008

A game for most ages

This is a very simple game that teaches turn taking to small children. The marvelous thing about the game is that everyone who plays wins.

This is a game that toddlers and adults can play as a family. Military deployed parents can even play it with their child. Each player needs a crayon or a colored pencil. Play the game on a piece of paper. The first play makes a mark/scribble. The next player also makes a mark/scribble that has to touch or cross the mark of the previous play (this rule can be suspended for very small children who might not understand it). In the case of a deployed parent, the paper is sent to him/her, the parent makes the mark, and then sends it back home. Everyone decides when to stop. Each player then gets to say what the created conglomeration of marks looks like. They have to say why it looks like that. Be certain to encourage paper turning (lengthwise, sideways, etc.) or use a round piece of paper for the game. say what the thing looks like in each orientation. Put the every participants name on the finished creation and write the date. Hang it someplace so that people who visit can see it. The child can practice their conversation skills by telling all about the "picture."

One more thought about the activity. Wouldn't it be great if one of these fell into enemy hands? Think of the resources that Al Qaeda would have to devote to breaking the "code!"

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